Partition during the installation

Hello all,

I am wondering how the process of the installation occur because I have problem with my microSD card memory before and after the intallation.
To install the OS on the microSD card I do that : unzip the last version of the RaspberryShake OS on my laptop, copy paste the OS on my formated micro SDcard and finally insert itg on the RaspeberryShake. After the installation, I check the memory of my microSd card on my laptop (windows) : the property of the SD card indicate few tens of Mo instead of 32 GO … what happened during the installation ?

For information, to format the microSD card with an androïd phone allows to restor the initial memory.

Thank’s for any help to understand


Hello Hugo,

After you have copied the OS files (after unzipping them) on your microSD card, the OS image will be automatically resized to use the full capacity of the disk upon first bootup sequence. This is a process that optimizes OS performance for every microSD card size, so that there is no “penalty” for using a smaller (or larger) card.

After this process has happened, Windows will only display one partition (the only one it recognizes) in the PC list. If you open your Disk Manager, you would see that the microSD card has more data in other areas. So, you don’t have to worry that your microSD is not being used in full, as this may appear from a windows PC.

No problem, you’re welcome!