Outdoor RS3D : ethernet connection lost


I’m working with the outdoor RS3D and have run into an ethernet connectivity issue. Initially, I managed to connect, but subsequent attempts have been unsuccessful. I’ve tried connecting both through a router and directly from my laptop, but the router doesn’t seem to detect the RS3D. Additionally, when attempting a connection from my laptop using either a browser or a command prompt, I’m unable to establish a connection.

Some observations:

-The yellow LED isn't illuminating.
-The LAN cable functions properly when tested with another RS3D.
-The same LAN cable works fine connecting my laptop to the router.
- I've rebooted the RS3D, but to no avail.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide a log file as I’ve been unable to connect to the RS3D, even locally.

Do you have any additional troubleshooting recommendations? Should I consider replacing the SD card as suggested by Sturmer69 in the topic from July 21? Or are there other measures I should explore first?

Thanks a lot for your help !


PS : Please note, the RS3D units are currently in the field, but I’ll have the opportunity to visit the site in about a week.

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Hello Claire,

Thank you for all the details regarding this situation you’ve encountered with your RS3D. As you have already tested your LAN cable (which would have been my first check), and, combined with the yellow LED that is not working, I think something could be happening with the microSD card (probably some corrupted files).

As you have already anticipated, I recommend preparing another microSD card to take with you when you go in the field, and then exchanging the current one with the one you have created anew. I’ll leave the microSD card burn instructions here for your convenience:

If the cause was the microSD card, changing it will solve the issue. However, if the issue persists, then I would recommend removing that Shake from the field and bringing it back to your lab/home, so that we can do more testing in a more accessible environment (naturally, if this is possible).

As you are in the field, I would also recommend checking if the power supply (if you have access to power logs, or any other method) was constant during this time, as power fluctuations could case corruption in the microSD card and thus the problems you are experiencing.


Many thanks for your reply. Please excuse my late response.

I am set to change the SD card following your advice.

Regrettably, I’m somewhat worried about the power supply situation. We’ve had some trouble with the battery and solar panel last month, which might shed some light on the current malfunction. I’ll be checking this on-site and will keep you posted.

Once again, I’m very thankful for your support.





Hello Claire,

There is no problem, you can always find me here.

Thank you for the update, and for the coming ones that you will send after you check the on-site equipment. What you think is correct, if there have been issues with the power supply, that may explain the unwanted behavior of the Shake. And, if these issue continues, there is high chance that new corruption could happen to the microSD card so it’s a good idea to see what’s happening there.

You’re very welcome. I hope you will manage to solve this with as less hassle as possible.