Outdoor enclosure connector types?


I want to connect an RS3D with an outdoor enclosure to a battery with a USB line out. The existing power cable that comes with the RS3D has an AC adapter on the other end.

I’ve seen the spec sheet for the connectors on this site, but am unsure of how to proceed getting a USB to M12 PG7 plug with the same connector shape. I don’t want to cut the existing cable that I have. Any suggestions?

Hello wcurry, welcome to the community!

I have passed your question to our hardware team, as soon as I’ll get an answer from them I will be able to clear this issue for you.

Hello again wcurry, here we are with the answer from our hardware team:

Firstly, make sure that the power supply voltage will always be below 5.2V with a current of at least 2.5A. If the cable to the batteries is too long, and if the voltage goes below 5.0V, then the Shake will continue to shut down and turn on again continuously.

To give a reference on the size, if the cable is around 3m in lenght, then a minimum section of 2.5mm is required, otherwise a larger section will be needed.

Unfortunately, creating this connection will require a bit of soldering DIY: if you don’t want to cut the cable that you already have, you will have to prepare a USB cable where a suitably sized (small) piece of wire that fits the M12 female connectors has to be soldered to the outputs of the USB cable itself. In this way, it will be possible to physically insert the cables in the M12 small circular slots.

Or, you could buy a M12 connector and create a cable in the same way, and this solution will obviously give a stronger and more reliable power supply to the Shake. (Pay attention on the fact that the connector is guaranteed IP67, to keep the power cables from oxidising).

I’ll leave, to conclude, an image of the connectors for the power source both inside and outside the Shake external box that you can use as a reference:

Also, a couple of projects involving solar panels and batteries that some of our users have realised: https://manual.raspberryshake.org/solar.html

And here is the technical sheet regarding the RS3D: https://manual.raspberryshake.org/_downloads/SpecificationsforRaspberryShake3D.pdf