Outdoor Boom not connecting - resolved

Hi all

A heads up on an issue I had with my new Boom that was not connecting to my network.

I took the lid off and connected a temporary ethernet cable and this worked fine. Testing the supplied patch cable and internal adaptor cable with my Fluke Net tool shows a break in one of the pairs, pin 6 in this case. Wriggling the cat6 end temporarily passes the test. On close inspection of the end of the Cat6 plug, I could see the wire into slot 6 was not flush with the end when it was crimped.

I re-made the end with a new cat6 plug and its all working fine now.

Its always worthwhile having a spare ethernet patch cable for this sort of troubleshooting.


Hello Jeffi,

Thank you for your feedback and excellent description of the steps you have taken to address and fix the issue with your LAN cable. I will report what you have found to our lab, so that they are aware of what has happened and can make additional checks when required.