Operating temperature for RS1D

I have a RS1D installed on the floor (slab) in a back room of the house. It is sitting in a open wooden box and wedged in with some towels, it is also out of the sun.

When the device is on and doing its thing the operating temp runs about 62 deg C.

I use Swarm as a data viewer, primarily the Helicorder display and access the device locally. When I Monitor the device to see a streaming display, the operating temp pops up to 75 deg c and the feed drops out, requiring a reboot.

Is this normal? How can I keep the temp down?

Here are the log files:

RSH.R2DEF.2019-08-05T18_37_06.logs.tar (2.6 MB)

Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeff, my guess is that you’re not letting the Shake breathe by wedging it in a box with towels. My recommendation is to see what happens when you just leave it out on the floor. Otherwise you will have to devise some sort of active heat dispersion system for the box, which will just increase noise. The floor will give you better ground contact than the box anyway.

OK, I’ll let it sit neked and at the mercy of the cats! How does the device respond to higher temperatures and what is the operating range?
Thanks, Jeff

Even if the cats do move it around a bit, “cat noise” will be significantly enough different from “earthquake noise” that we should be able to ignore it! :slight_smile:

Per this SE answer most chips on the Pi are -40 to 85 °C except the LAN chip, which is 0 to 70 °C. So the Shake may continue working internally but it’s possible that LAN drops out. You may be able to verify or refute this if you connect SWARM later when it’s cooled off and you notice that the gaps get filled in.

However, if the CPU temperature goes above 80 °C then it will start to throttle back system resources and processor speed until it cools off. I’m not sure what this would do to the Shake data but my guess is that the system would become unstable for a period of time and it’s possible you’d see data gaps.

Many thanks for the info!

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