Offline 3.5 days & not shown on map

My ISP went down for 3.5 days and I cannot see my station on the station map. However, I am seeing traces on the Helicorder and on my computer. I assume that I am not sending to your sever via my router?? (AM.RFAE6.00.SHZ)

I’ve downloaded my log, but do not see where to attach it here.

Furthermore, if you remember when I had a alien visitor (Gecko) crawl into my device, I had an unusual spike on the trace every 4 minutes. After his eviction, it cleared up. Well, it has reappeared (the 4 min. spikes not the gecko). Examining the helicorder traces, I do not see them. If you will tell me how to upload my logs, perhaps you can see if you see the 4 min. spikes.

If you eliminate spikes from the log files, I can assume the artifact in in my computer/monitor??



you might try CTRL-F5 on the station view screen, your unit is reconnected and shows up in my browser just fine:

regarding uploading, in the edit window (where i’m typing now), you will find the up-arrow which provides the file upload function, click on it, etc.:



Thank you Richard. I swear that I looked at each icon and didn’t see the Upload one. Apologies!
I’ll up upload my logs now.

However, I admit to a “rookie” mistake and didn’t wait long enough for my site to appear. I knew better. DUH

After everything settled out, the 4 min. spikes disappeared and all is GOOD & normal.

RSH.RFAE6.2019-10-14T19_32_29.logs.tar (3.5 MB)

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