OBS Studio PC Recommendations


We’re very excited with our Raspberry Shake up and running in Puerto Rico for almost a month now!

We are experimenting with OBS Studio to livestream the Shake’s Plots using either Swarm or RSUDP. Anyone have some recommendations on what specifications will work well with our application? We’re planning on streaming to YouTube Live 24/7 with OBS Studio running RSUDP and/or Swarm. We tested it today on a MacBook Pro and it runs perfect, but we would like to run it in a PC Tower/Server to let it run 24/7.

I’ve seen many Raspberry Shake Livestreams and would love to know more about what system you’re currently using!

Thank you!

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I used to live stream on Youtube but it used up to much data which made me have to stop, now I only upload videos. I used OBS Studio for live streaming, I think I used “Window View” to show my different tabs open. My seismic data tabs included jAmaSeis and Swarm. But until hearing you question, I didn’t know about RSUDP. But I do suggest using OBS Studio ans Swarm for sure, OBS is a great app for being free and swarm (in my opinion) is pretty simple to use. I also suggest you keep experimenting with OBS, it will help you improve the stream along the way. I had to experiment in order to get a decent live stream up and running. And when you do manage to get a stream going, I would love to check it out. Do you mind telling me the name of your YouTube channel? Mine is Southern California Seismic Data if you want to check it out.

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The most important feature a streaming tower needs is a dedicated graphics card. Not a super high-end one (those are very expensive these days due to the popularity of bitcoin mining) but one that is able to handle the graphics encoding requirements of OBS. The specific requirement will depend on what OS you plan to run on the tower. OBS’s official requirements are here:

Also @ezramessi26, if you’re interested in rsudp, we stream live output from one of our Shake & Booms to YouTube and have just started streaming to Twitch too:

Hi! Thank you both very much for your replies and suggestions. We are considering getting a PC with at least a GTX 1050 or 1650, with 12GB RAM+ and an Intel i5. I will definitely share our YouTube Stream once it’s up and running! With the situation, we’re currently working via Remote VNC to another Raspberry Pi inside the school network.


Either of those should be plenty powerful. Looking forward to it.

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I am a little late on passing along my streaming setup.

I have used two pc’s for streaming. I started in June with an old i7-2600k with 16gb of memory. Besides running swarm and WinSDR for streaming, I also use it to run my 6 HD video cameras and a few applications for my weather website. It was hard for this pc to keep up. It was constantly at 60 to 70 percent cpu.

I upgraded in November. I now use an i7-9700k with 16gb of memory. I am running the same applications as before and now the cpu averages around 20 percent usage.

On both systems, I never had a dedicated graphics card. I just use the built-in graphics on the i7. So, you may not need one for streaming.

I am using OBS Studio to send the stream to youtube.
OS: Win10

You can see my live stream and recordings here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAhqlmltCW94ipicG8X-oLw



Hi Steve!

I appreciate you sharing your streaming setup. We’re setting it up on a lower end computer we have at the school (i5, 8GB RAM) in the meantime, until we are able to purchase the official pc with the higher specs. (We’re a bit limited because of the situation).

Nice to know about the graphics. We might consider starting with the base pc and add a higher-end GPU in the future if needed.

Your blog post helped us greatly in understanding how to work with the Raspberry Shake data and uploading it to our website. We’ve been working on it for about two months now, I believe it will be ready mid-May.

Thank you again.


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