Not recording real data

Dear all,

I’m facing new problem with RD184, where signals are continuously ringing. No earthquake recording and no signal even jumping nearby the station. I think there should be some problem with the sensor. Look at the waveform and it would be great if you suggest me to solve the problem.


Good morning.

Something happened to the Shake on July 21st at 10:08 UTC (looks like violent Shaking to me):

Immediately after (and for all days since), it appears there is no longer a sensor attached to the board (I can tell this from the low amplitudes and general unresponsiveness to cultural noise and real seismic signal):

Yours, branden & ian

Dear Branden,

Good afternoon!

Thank you for your reply, then what is the solution? How can I fix the problem?

Thank you!

In the end, if the problem is mechanical (like someone picked it up and threw it at the ground or dropped it), this will probably require visiting the station to investigate what is broken. Maybe you can have them send you photos? You might have to ship it back to us.


Dear Branden,

I already asked to send the photos but seems OK while looking on the photos. It is installed inside a cement block and ideally, it is not possible to pick up as we fixed by screw. Look at
attached pictures.

Is there any idea to fix the problem remotely? I think the problem is with the geophone, maybe it stops to vibrate or something like that.

If you have any suggestion let me know, otherwise, I’ll ask to uninstall it.


Beautiful installation.

My working theory is that the geophone is fine, it is just no longer connected to the RS board. They should uninstall it, dismantle it and send high resolution photos of the geophone leads and connection to the board.

Yours, branden

Dear Branden,

I’ll try my best. Let’s see…