Not conect to server

Yesterday my RS was connected to the server. After one movement of the shake and the router in other place, it never reconnected.

RSH.R7231.2022-12-23T07-04-00.logs.tar (845.5 KB)

I have a Tp-Link 4G MR400 router and I think that it is a problem.


for whatever reason, your unit is unable to see the internet. and when this happens, it is unable to make a connection to an NTP server. and when this happens, the unit will refuse to forward data to the server when the timestamps are guaranteed to be wrong.

while at the same time, without connection to the internet, it is also unable to connect to the server.

see the logfiles /opt/log/postboot.log and /opt/log/myshake.out to see the relevant messages.

you should investigate why the router is not providing onward traffic from this device to the internet-at-large.

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I can use internet with router, but raspberry shake not connect with internet.

yesterday it had connected after many attempts. Today I moved the router and the seismograph and after that they no longer allowed themselves. I continue to use the internet, I think the connection to the network exists. I don’t know what to look for.

How can I see log file? I am not expert of computer and programs…

I tried my Sarpberry Shake on other router. It is not 4G. My shake works properly.

I don’t understand what it doesn’t work with Tp-link MR400 4G LTE router… and Yesterday it worked for all nigth.

I searched the forum and found a suggestion, to set the DNS as

My shake works.

I ask. I found the following DNS, what do they refer to and which of them is better?
Are they Raspberry Shake’s DNS?


DNS machines are the computers that convert web addresses (human format) to IP addresses (computer format). normally, DNS servers are delivered to your local computers (phones, tablets, etc.) by your router when it makes the local connection and receives the local IP address. if the router delivers a bad DNS IP, then things can go wrong. is a standard DNS provided by google. Raspberry Shake does not maintain DNS servers. any DNS that works for you is the good one.

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