Noise, please help

RSH.R6CAB.2020-09-08T20_57_57.logs.tar (1.4 MB)

Hi today my station appeared on the Station view and also i started to see a lot of noise, everything was working normal then out of no where i got a lot of noise, please advise what is going on.

Thank you

I think someone had something working that was causing the noise, at night it goes away, any way to suppress the noise ?

Hi Charles,

A consistent noise like that implies that a machine of some sorts has been turned on and your station is detecting it. I’ve found that washing machines are the usual culprits, but it could be any device that has a consistant rpm or causes ground motion at regular intervals (I’ve detected a jack hammer at my station).
Here is an example of a washing machine at my station a couple months ago, where you can see that consistennt noise, along with the wind up and down:

Hope this helps a bit,

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Thank you so much for the information, i think its a big AC unit because it stops at night and clears all the noise.

Thank you again for the heads up,


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