No "WiFi settings"

I’m having to replace my modem and wish to change the WiFi settings via rs.local. Under the NETWORK heading I expected to find headings for both ETHERNET SETTINGS and WiFi SETTINGS, but only the former is listed.

The ethernet port for R571C doesn’t work so I’ve been using WiFi for some years. I’m confused at what’s going on here.

How can I change the WiFi settings?

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Hello orez, and welcome back to the community!

It is indeed unusual, especially as you are working with the WiFi due to the ethernet port not working (was this a relatively recent development, or has the port not been working since you received the Shake?).

Could you please download the logs from the Shake (if needed, instructions are here: Please read before posting!) and attach them to your reply?

Could you also attach a couple of screenshots of “rs.local/”? One of its main page and one of the Settings page would be perfect.

Thank you.

Ethernet failed a few years ago and using WiFi ever since.

Home and Network screenshots and logfiles below

RSH.R571C.2024-07-04T10_36_39.logs.tar (4.1 MB)


Hello orez, thank you very much for the screenshots and the logs.

It’s a unique situation, as everything points out to a WiFi connection, but yes, that particular configuration setting is missing.

You probably already have, but have you tried rebooting or shutting off/on the Shake again to see if a system reload fixes the issue?

If not, then I think that the best solution would be to modify your WiFi settings manually following this guide: How to configure Wifi and USB wifi dongles from command-line

If you need further guidance for the command-line environment, feel free to reach out, and I’ll help you with every step.

Another (last resort) solution would be re-burning the microSD card, but I’m not sure if this will fix the problem. If you want to try in any case, here are the instructions to do so: microSD card topics

I wish to thank you for pointing out this bug to us, I have passed all info to our team so that they can see how to take care of the situation.

Thank you.