No visibility for 2 devices: AM.RFD52 and AM.R92F0

Although I tried to follow all the requirements still I cannot see them in the shakenet network.

The devices are connected in internet and we also tried to check the port via Telnet but still does not transmit the data. I uploaded the log file. Thanks for helping to sort out

RSH.RFD52.2021-12-09T06 57 44.logs.tar (3.5 MB)

Hello annunal, welcome back to our community!

Thank you for the logs for RFD52. From them, it seems that the connection to the internet and our servers is fine, and the station is visible here on our StationView portal: RS StationView

Regarding R92F0, I can see that our systems shows that the station has been offline since October. Could you please retrieve and post (if possible) the log files from this second Shake here? They will help in trying to identify the cause of the problem.

Thank you.