No data on Raspberry Shake servers, but stations still open in the FDSN?

While I was browsing AM network on IRIS gmap I’ve noticed that there is a station in Algeria (R71CB) which doesn’t appear on RaspberryShake’s StationView… I tried checking the data on dataview but the station, since it’s appearance never transmitted anything to the server… Trying to investigate more I noticed that this might not be IRIS fault but more likely the RaspberryShake’s FDSN that didn’t update(?).
(Algeria’s station was the most observable, i don’t know if there are other cases)

I was wondering, is there a sytem tha closes the station on the FDSN for a station that stops transmitting data after some time implemented? If yes, after how many days of inactivity? If not, will it be implemented something like that?

Noticed also that some stations change their location during their life, in this case the FDSN got updated by closing the previous station, and starting a new one (Ex. station RFE21, FDSN), how does this work? Via GPS location change?

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Hello Yacine,

I have asked for details regarding your first question and will get back to you as soon as I have the details.

Onto the location change, this is registered on our systems every time a user updates it in the configuration window (inside rs.local/) of their Shake. This lets us know that the Shake has been moved from its previous location, leaving total information-sharing control to the user.

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Just noticed a typo while reading it again… I edited the post right now. The question was:

Isn’t better to get the location with the GPS? If it’s installed with the seismograph?

Hello Yacine,

Yes, there is a system that closes the streams for our live-display Apps, such as StationView or DataView, but I am waiting for details on this. Our server expert that handles these matters will be back in office next week, so I will have more info then. Thank you for your patience.

Regarding the GPS, that could be an idea for future releases, to provide the user with the possibility of acquiring latitude and longitude from the GPS instead of adding these values by themselves. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi Stormchaser,
Any update on this matter?

Hello Yacine Boussoufa, apologies for the delayed answer, here we are.

We are investigating on the first issue you have mentioned in the opening post. In the meanwhile, as you have correctly imagined, response file epochs for each Shake are closed after three days of no data, but this may change in the future.

GPS locations change/are updated when the end-user moves the unit and updates the geolocation in the front-end GUI and then reconnects to the server while, using GPS location when a GPS module is attached will be provided in an upcoming release as it was anticipated.

If you have any other question(s), I remain available.

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Thank you so much. :heart: