No data after weeks... all purged?

Dear all,

We had a Raspy Shake run for a couple of weeks in a remote location. Now there is almost no data in /opt/data/archives…

In the logs (SLPurge.log) it says:

2019.07.23 12:17:31: Purging all SL Archive data files found under directory /opt/data/archive
Purging: /opt/data/archive/2019/AM/RF49B/EHN.D/AM.RF49B.00.EHN.D.2019.163
Purging: /opt/data/archive/2019/AM/RF49B/EHN.D/AM.RF49B.00.EHN.D.2019.168
Purging: /opt/data/archive/2019/AM/RF49B/EHN.D/AM.RF49B.00.EHN.D.2019.169

So this means that all data has been deleted? Really?

Thanks for any help


Hi Martin,

I’m sorry to hear this. You can change the length of time the Shake will retain data in the Settings > Data > Waveform Data Saving setting (pictured below). The default is 7 days. If you did not change the default I am afraid the older data is lost.



So the default of RaspyShake is to just delete data files?

Which process is doing this? /usr/local/bin/myShake?

Thanks, Martin

yes, being able to easily configure how much data to save locally, since disk space is not yet infinite (maybe one day), we think to be quite a nice feature.

rather than choosing for a default action of stupidly filling up the storage device.

the process responsible for this is buried within the system and is not accessible at the user level. you should configure your instrument to save the number of days of data you require. typically, for field deployements, this will be some number larger than however often you will be visiting the site to retreive the data. in the case when this is not very often, you should arrange a storage device large enough that it will guarantee not to fill up. good news is that there is no limit to the number of days of data you can save.

for a more complete discussion on this issue, please see the manual page here.



Dear Ian

Is the data retain setting permanent, or will it be reset to 7 days, after each power-down?
Thanks for letting us know.

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Yours, Branden

Thanks, Branden!
Kind regards, Diego

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