Newly rebuilt 1D shake is not showing up in StationView

I have double-checked that my email is identical for my login and on the Raspberry Shake unit. I see the data producer, consumer and forwarding is on. I also see the server connection as connected. I’m new on the forum, so I cannot upload my logs.


I didn’t receive the reply email from the admin when I set up my account. It came a day later and I didn’t see it, now the reply link isn’t being accepted.


first, we are in the process of changing the system so that you will be able to upload your files, and will be changing your trust level by hand for you.

second, what is your station name?

please try again to upload your files at your convenience,


Hi! My station name is AM.R730D.00.SHZ. I’m attaching my logs.
RSH.R730D.2019-05-27T17_01_58.logs.tar (459 KB)