Newbie question

I am very close to buying a 3d sensor…but am unsure where in the house to install it.
I do need electricity, but does ethernet cable always need to be directly connected to the router?
Can you please share quick photos of your setups?
Please help.

Hi @ppolla,

Most users who install in their house put it on a basement floor. Unfinished basements (with dirt floors) tend to have less noisy signals than concrete slabs. The slab tends to amplify human noise sources. Any basement will be better than a first or second story floor, however.

No, the Shake does not need to be connected to Ethernet at all times. It will still record locally (on disk) if it’s not sending data to the server. You may consider also buying a USB WiFi dongle and using WiFi (instructions here: How to configure Wifi and USB wifi dongles from command-line — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake)

Here are a couple photos of the first unit I installed back in 2017 (RCB43):

If you have any further questions let us know!

Thank you for your help.

Let me take a few photos of my potential locations and get your perspective of what would work best.

Does it need to be in a quiet area? or can it be outside under a deck?

Not necessarily. We recommend that it be placed in a quiet area, but it need not be.

It can, but if it’s outside, make sure it is somehow protected from condensation (especially if you live in a wet climate). We also sell IP-67 rated enclosures which are watertight and thus prevent condensate-driven electrolysis damage.