New StationView Bug

I’ve noticed a few times over the last week that StationView has started displaying my user location in the wrong position. It did it a few times, then appeared to fix itself and now it’s doing it again. Here’s the display when I press the display user location button:

My station is the pale blue SB at the right of frame, when it should be centralised.

It’s not a big issue but something is not right.

I’ve also noticed some inconsistent behaviour in StationView. The first earthquake I select from the event list will display the information panel on the left hand side of screen and the map remains on my station. Subsequent quakes selected from the list, the map jumps to the quake and does not display the information panel - I have to click on the circle for the event to raise the info panel.

I am running windows 11 and Firefox 109.0.1 (64 bit).



Hello Alan,

Thank you for the useful feedback as usual! A ticket has been opened regarding these two issues, and our team is working on them.

I will update you as soon as I have news.