New Shake stuck BOOTING

Just set up my Raspberry Shake (1D) using a Pi 3. It seemed to go through all of the proper startup and updating procedures (as near as I could tell from lots of flashing lights).
It appears to be stuck in “BOOTING”. (I have rebooted it). Also, no server connection.

Shake Model : Unknown model
Raspberry Pi Model : 3 Model B
System Status : BOOTING
System Version : 0.20
Ethernet Local IPv4 :
Ethernet MAC : N/A
Data Producer : OFF
Data Consumer : OFF
Off-line Mode : OFF
Data Forwarding : ON
Server Connection : Not Connected
Latitude : 39.2030
Longitude : -120.0977
Elevation : 2000 m
System Time : 2023-01-20 17:03:52 UTC
Disk Usage : 22% Used – 11.4 Gb Available
CPU Temp : 45 C / 113 F

From MYSHAKE.OUT log file:
System Report: Fri Jan 20 17:10:15 UTC 2023


  OS Version : Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)

Kernel version : Linux raspberryshake 4.14.79-v7+ #1159 SMP Sun Nov 4 17:50:20 GMT 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux
Software Version : v0.20
Firmware Version : unknown
ODF Version : unknown

Computer Info

/usr/local/bin/myShake: line 247: /opt/settings/sys/PI-version.txt: No such file or directory
RPi revision : (unknown)
/usr/local/bin/myShake: line 250: /opt/settings/sys/ODFSPNAME.txt: No such file or directory
ODF Serial Port :
MAC Address : b8:27:eb:85:bd:cb
UpTime : 17:10:15 up 8 min, 0 users, load average: 0.02, 0.21, 0.16
System time : Fri Jan 20 17:10:15 UTC 2023:
Disc usage : /dev/root 15G 3.0G 12G 21% /
CPU Temp : 44 C

System Info

heli_ewII : NOT Running
OWS : NOT Running
SeedLink : NOT Running
ODF : NOT Running
slarchive : NOT Running
SL info:
NONE Available

crontab Info:

@daily /usr/local/bin/myShake
@hourly /usr/local/bin/clean-logs
1 19 * * 1 /usr/local/bin/rsh-sw-fetcher C >/dev/null 2>&1

Station Info

Data-Sharing Mode : ON
Data Server Conn : OFF
Save Data Days : 7
Heli Scale : 0.5
cat: /opt/settings/sys/NET.txt: No such file or directory
cat: /opt/settings/sys/STN.txt: No such file or directory
cat: /opt/settings/sys/LOC.txt: No such file or directory
cat: /opt/settings/sys/CHN.disp.txt: No such file or directory
Station Name : …
Geophone : OSOP

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hi there,

can you please tar all the files in the directory /opt so we can have a more detailed look?

on the Shake Pi:

> cd /opt
> tar cf /tmp/logs.tar log

and then copy the /tmp/logs.tar file to your computer and upload here; let me know if you would like more detailed instructions.

thanks in advance,

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logs.tar.gz (8.6 KB)


thanks for the logs. as i suspected, the postboot.log file indicates that there is no data arriving from the Shake board to the Pi’s serial port:

> cat /opt/log/postboot.log
2023 020 23:51:10: Cleaning up any dangling Docker data...
2023 020 23:51:11: Starting the FE Config Server
2023 020 23:51:18: adding fallback DNS servers to /etc/resolv.conf file
2023 020 23:51:19: We have an internet connection
2023 020 23:51:19: We have NTP services
2023 020 23:51:19: Checking for software updates, see upgrade.log for details
2023 020 23:51:27: Software Version : v0.20
2023 020 23:52:15: Unable to read Firmware version number off of Serial Port /dev/serial0 after trying for 15 seconds, cannot continue!
2023 020 23:52:15: Is the Pi computer connected to the Raspberry Shake Board?  Please confirm and try again.

please confirm all connections between geophone, Shake board, and Pi. when doing this make sure you are using proper ESD protection, electronics do not like static electricity.

hope this helps,

I disassembled then reassembled the device. All of the connections seem to be correct.
On reboot, it seems to be running and was immediately connected to the network and appears in the station view (AM.RBAC8).
There seem to be gaps in the data in real time live view… perhaps still a bad connection somewhere?

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most likely, yes.

please send along your log files again, this will tell us more.


RSH.RBAC8.2023-01-26T22 54 10.logs.tar (3.4 MB)

Hello msporh, thank you for the updated logs from the Shake.

From them, it appears that there are still data transmission problems between the sensors and the Shake board, as these lines suggest:

2023 026 22:52:58>>	WªT	W?AcD?E1HE
2023 026 22:52:58>>	!?ªWdFIàÄS??SM?EE??Q?
2023 026 22:52:58>>		16139	268
2023 026 22:52:58>>	No Data has been received from the MCU in 12 read attempts.It appears the MCU is not transmitting data.  This is a fatal condition and should be investigated if this condition persists!
2023 026 22:52:58>>	Data has been successfully received, fatal condition resolved.

As you can see, there are errors mixed with some ‘gibberish’ that cannot be successfully interpreted. My first thought would be to check and see if the power supply is delivering a stable voltage between 5.0 and 5.2V and a current of at least 2.5A at all times, as a decrease in power could lead to data services interruption.

The usual second check we recommend is to see if all the connections between the sensor, the blue Shake board, and the Pi board are still solid and free from dirt or any other element that could compromise transmission, but as you have just re-assembled it, I think that you can skip this point.

Also, if this doesn’t solve the issue, then you can try (if you have another available) to swap the Pi board with another one, to see if this was the root cause of the problem.

Thanks for this information.
I had a 7 amp capable power supply which should have been enough but the cable seemed questionable. I replaced the cable and now it seems to be working without gaps!
(Interesting that the power reading was 5.2v and only about 300 ma but the device may have high transient draw.)
Thanks for all your help.


Happy to hear that msporh, and it’s great that everything now works as it should!

You’re very welcome.