New Shake not showing up

Showed briefly as a black triangle. “Not Set” now gone. Log attached.

RSH.RDACF.2020-06-23T01_40_03.logs.tar (716.5 KB)

Yesterday all was well. This morning no joy. Shows as offline on iPhone, nothing Station View. But my Shake shows data stream.
Help for R811D please.

R811D appears to be online @Karl:

@kurt1000 as for RDACF: it looks like there may be a problem with the Shake’s ability to find DNS servers from your network, which has the effect of essentially causing an internet outage. There are a couple ways to solve this, which are described in the following post:

Thank you Ian. It came on some time last evening or early this morning. Is there usually a delay for a unit to “filter” through the servers, etc ?

Yes, there is some lag time as the changes propagate through different servers and services. It’s normal but can be confusing :slight_smile:

I’ve moved things along. Log file attached but nothing shows on the maps for my site.RSH.RDACF.2020-07-02T01_52_53.logs.tar (1.7 MB)


in the Boom-view page, i see your station is streaming data fine:

if this doesn’t show you streaming data, please refresh your browser cache with CTRL-F5 in your tab.



Hi! I have a new shake and I have set my email but it is not showing up online under “My Shake”. I have already attempted to enable static IP and refresh browser cache. Log file is attached: RSH.RF23B.2021-04-15T19_32_04.logs.tar (1.1 MB)

Hello rocampo,

Thank you for the logs. From them, it appears that the data forwarding has not been turned on. This confirms the issue:

Data-Sharing Mode : OFF

To enable it, you have to click on the gear icon “Settings” high on the left, then on the “Data” tab, and then check the box near “Forward Data”.

This will enable the data transmission to our servers, and your Shake should appear on our StationView, ShakeNet, and the App in the next 24 to 48h.

Thank you.