New setup- am I online?

Howdy all, I’ve setup a new station, but don’t know that I’m off to the races just yet. I believe I’m SAC78. The rs.local dash says I’m RAC78 and am online, but the Stationview and the Shakenet app say I’m offline. Can anyone see my station? Thanks!

Scott the newb.

I’d forgotten to add logs. D’oh!

RSH.RAC78.2020-09-25T02_01_23.logs.tar (632.5 KB)

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Hello Scott, welcome to the community!

Thank you for updating your logs. From them it appears that you had some problems in connecting to the internet, but after that they seem to have resolved themselves automatically.

Regarding your station identification code and StationView/ShakeNet issue, I have passed your query to our software team, and I will update you as soon as I have news.

I’m presently in a state where the res.local view shows me as connected, but the app and your web UI show me as offline. What can I do to test? Thanks!


The station should have appeared by now, so let’s see if there are connection problems along the line.

Please shut down your Shake first, then your modem/router. Wait for a couple of minutes, then restart your modem/router, and when it’s back online, please check from your pc/laptop if the following ports are open (do not start the Shake now):

port 55555 [TCP]
port 55556 [TCP]
port 123 for TCP and UDP traffic in both directions

After checking this, and opening the ports, if needed, please start your Shake, wait for around 10 minutes and then save the logs again, and then send them back to me, so I can see if there are any differences in them compared to the original ones.

Now it’s best to check that your unit can reach our servers so, can you try to SSH into the Shake by entering this command in a prompt (with admin authorization)?

ssh myshake@rs.local

Naturally, if during the configuration you have changed the password, you should input that one, and not the provided default (which is shakeme).

Once you are in, can you try and ping the following addresses?

  • ping -c 10
  • ping -c 10

The first one is the Google server, while the second is our data server. The two commands will execute the exchange ten times, and your expected result is a 0% packet loss for both instances.

I’ll wait for you to try this and your new logs before going forward.

Hello @Scott,

Your station is now online, and reachable at this address on StationView:

Enjoy Shaking!

Howdy Stormchaser,

I appear online in the web link you shared, but I still show offline in the IOS app ShakeNet > My Shake. Will this catch up in time, or is there something I can try.

Oh, and thank you! :slight_smile:



Hello @Scott,

on your side, you don’t have to do anything else :slight_smile:

Sometimes it can take up to 24 to 48h for the data of new stations to propagate throughout all our servers, and to reach the app and ShakeNet. So it is just a matter of waiting.

No problem, you’re welcome!