New Raspberry Shake won’t Boot (with resolution)

[I’m adding my experience, even though I resolved it, as it may help someone down the road.]

I got my 4D Shake last Thursday or Friday and hurriedly installed it before I left on a trip Friday night. I figured I would configure it on the road; but when I queried my DHCP servers, none of them had handed the shake an address! Looking at my switch, the Ethernet port was not up! OK, well not configuration was going to take place on the road.

When I arrived back home Sunday night, I tried a different Ethernet cable, Ethernet port and power supply. No go! Before swapping out the Pi, I tried a different MicroSD card. That worked!

So I was up and running, but with an MLC card, not the better SLC card supplied with the Shake. A couple of days later, I decided to mount the card and I found a perfectly good FAT32 partition that was empty! I proceeded to populate the card with v0.15 all is fine with the supplied SLC card.

Lesson learned: if your new Shake doesn’t boot, check first to see if they forgot to copy the software to the MicroSD card!