New Feature Suggestion

This might be a big ask…

The app currently displays the first arrival (usually P) and a time to the S arrival if it can’t be displayed on the screen. This works well for close quakes, however, for large distant ones, often the first arrival is a weak Pdiff which is marginal or undetectable.

This doesn’t mean that subsequent arrivals are not detectable.

Is it possible to add the functionality to step through the arrivals in the phone app?

Rather than complicate the usability of the app for new users, perhaps, if this is possible, make it a feature that’s turned on in settings?

For example, the M6.8 quake in Equador from my station, the first arrivals (Pdiff, etc) are very weak, but later arrivals are much stronger/clearer.



Hello Al,

This is a very interesting proposal, that’s for sure. I don’t know how much work would be needed as of now so I can’t provide you an ETA, but I will nonetheless pass this to our development team, and see what they can do.

Thank you again for all the feedback you provide, you are helping in making everything better for the Shaker community!

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