New boom setup

Hi just turn on my new boom for the first time, but I can’t find my new boom on rs.local/ just my raspberry shake 3D do I need power down my 3D shake To setup my new boom?

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hi there,

no need to power down your other units. when there are multiple units on the same local network (and same subnet), the units will assign themselves distinct names for rs.local, namely, by adding numbers successively to the prefix. so in the first instance, please try the URL http://rs-2.local and see if that doesn’t successfully connect to your Boom.

alternatively, since rs.local resolves to an actual IP address “under the hood” anyway, the trick here is to simply replace rs.local with the IP address of your unit.

to “discover” what this IP address is, please consult this page in the online manual for full details.

and, in a new version of the Front-End Configuration Web Page soon to be released, a list of all other Shake units found on your local network will be displayed to make this even more straightforward.

cheers, hope this helps,

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Think you, all done ,your a star :sunglasses: