Nevada site back in service

After a very long outage and problems troubleshooting, I had to buy a new Raspberry Pi unit. I also had to set up and write to a new micro-SD card which involved a lot of hand-wringing and sorrow for this non-computer guy.
The initial problem was probably was due to a shorted UPS battery which melted both batteries in the UPS. My unit continued to function for a time, even after it went off-line last year, but it finally went totally bad. I haven’t check the old Rasp. Pi units, but I think the SD card was the real problem.
I am now back up locally and the unit seems to be functioning as it did long ago. My new I.D. is “AM.RD95A.EHZ” located at my original site in Pahrump, NV. I hope you can get me back into the network since we are still experiencing a lot of seismic activity.

Hello nv_radio, welcome back!

Your Shake is live and transmitting data on our network here: RS StationView

Thank you for also listing what happened and how you solved it. It may be useful to users who may have similar issues!

Welcome back online!


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