Network with clock set by GPS


We set up a network in a city with 3 RS3Ds to study local seismicity. All with the clock set by the GPS.

However, how can you know if during the month of operation, the clock is being synchronized and corrected every time? No more GPS information appears in the log. Is there a way to get information about clock errors?

Thanks in advance,

Hello bonhanpg, and welcome to the community!

If the logs are not reporting time synchronization errors then the GPS is working exactly as intended and there is no cause for concern (unless you have noticed something unusual in the data from those Shakes).

These are the details about how our Shakes acquire NTP data:

  • if the GPS module is locked to at least one satellite, then the computer will be using the GPS time to set the computer clock
  • the computer clock is adjusted by the NTPD daemon, not by any Shake software
  • if the GPS module loses contact with satellite(s) for too long a period, and then after some time regains the connection, it will return to a locked state, where NTPD will adjust the computer clock accordingly
  • this may, or may not, result in a time tear in the data. if a time-tear does occur, this will be noted in the output file /opt/log/odf_SL_plugin.err

In any case, I’m curious about the No more GPS information appears in the log part of your post. Could you please send us the logs from one (or all) your Shakes?

I don’t think you require them, but, if needed, the instructions on how to retrieve the logs are here: Please read before posting!

Thank you for your collaboration.