Neither of my Shakes accepts my password

I run a weekly copy of the data files on my Shakes using scp through a Terminal window on mu Mac. Been doing it this way for years. But yesterday I get a Permission Denied, Please Try Again error for both Shakes. So I logged into my Shakes and changed the password. Still couldn’t log in. Tried to do a Reboot but that didn’t work. Tried power cycling, the Shakes come back up, but sill not able to accept my password. Data is flowing and can be seen. Any ideas?

Hello jpulli,

have you tried to change the password back to the default one, shakeme, try to connect, and if it is working, change it again to your preferred ones, and try to connect again?

If even this does not work, you can try to follow this procedure on our manual Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake which is thought for people who have forgot their password, but that will nonetheless reset it to a classic 12345678. From there, you can try again to connect to your Shake, and try to change it with what you prefer.

Or, you can try to use sshpass, as shown in this stackoverflow post: linux - How to pass password to scp? - Stack Overflow

Thank you. I was able to change the password to the default shakeme but still cannot log in via terminal. I will try the other procedures.