Need help please

Hello, sorry if this doesnt exactly correspond to the topic of the forum, but i really need help.

A month and a half ago they opened a store below my apartment, more specifically under my beedroom the problem is that the ventilation system or the AC of the store in question, creates a very low pitched sound like vibration which can be easily heard across all the street. At first i didnt give it too much importance. The problem is thar after one week of constantly hearing this i began to experience severe pressure sensation in my head, acompanied with ear pain and terrible vertigo attacks, which i never experienced before. I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with vestibular problems, however they could not identify the cause. After researching on the internet, then my suspicions are that the air conditioning system might be producing an infrasound, which I have read can cause vestibular problems, because when I move away from this sound for a noticeable period of time the symptoms diminish or disappear, and also when I am close to this sound I feel like pressure, specially in my ears, I dont know if this sound is causing me this or if it is just agravating it.

Thank you for reading, and by the way English is not my first language so sorry if there is any mistake