Need a manual for the ShakeNet app

I’m using the app on an Android phone and have had numerous issues.

  1. EVENTS. The distances listed for EQs have no relation to my location. When I open the STATIONS tab, the map is centered on London, and I suspect the distances are measured from there. Clearly the distances are listed because they are intended to be meaningful,so how do I make the distances meaningful to me?

  2. MY STATIONS. Thinking issue (1) might be because I own and operate three shakes, I selected one to follow, but it made no difference to the listed event distances. Foolishly I then chose to follow my other two Shakes and found all three of my Shakes had disappeared from the My Shakes list and were instead listed under “Following”. Unfollowing them removed them from the Following list, but they initially didn’t reappear in the My Stations list. After some time, they did reappear, but I’m not sure if it is necessary to exit the app before they reappear or just a matter of waiting tens of minutes.

  3. MY STATIONS. Of my three Shakes, one has had three different names due to loss of the ethernet port then a later change to a new Pi. How can I remove these “offline” stations from the list.

  4. 24-HR PLOT. When I highlight an event to see the event in detail with the frequency plot, then return (using the top left “<”) to view another of My Stations with the 24-hour plot, the app crashes and closes. To stop this happening, the magnified trace and frequency plot must be swiped off the bottom of the screen before pressing the “<” at the top left of the screen. Same applies to the “<” at the bottom right.

It would be nice to have a manual that covered all aspects of the app (and I’m prepared to be embarrassed in being told there is a clearly labelled link to such a manual).

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I’m using Version 1.3.8

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Hello orez,

Firstly, let me thank you for the extensive feedback on our ShakeNet app! It must have taken you time to write all of this, and we appreciate it because it pushes us to get better and better!

There is no manual (yet) for our ShakeNet App, but we are working to introduce available instructions in it, so that people can consult those without the need to open another window. For now, we have a description of all the features in this article on our blog: The ShakeNet Mobile App for Apple and Android - Raspberry Shake

For clarity, I will answer your points one by one:

  1. The distances sorting is calculated based on your device location. If you have not enabled the usage of GPS/WiFi location positioning for the app (some phones may disable this automatically, or non activate this automatically) then you will have to navigate in your phone settings and enable it.
    In this way the App will know where you are in the world, and will be able to calculate distances from there.

  2. I have four Shakes, but I was not able to replicate this issue because if I tap on one of them on the map, the “Follow” button is disabled to me. I’ve never seen this happen before, but I will note down this behaviour and pass it to our app team, so that they may be able to find something.

  3. This cannot be done from the App and it seems to be a bug since I can see only your active online Shakes in your Shakenet account. I will open a ticket for our team to investigate and correct this issue. Can you please give me the now-offline station codes? Thank you.

  4. Thank you for reporting this bug. It was corrected in the new v1.3.9 version of the app which is available for download on the stores. Please update it and see if the problem has disappeared.

Thank you again orez!

Thanks, I’ve now installed v1.3.9

  1. My location is on and the ShakeNet app has location permission. Other apps correctly use location, so I’m not sure what the issue is here. Galaxy A30 phone.

  2. Will check how this behaves over following days.

  3. Under MY STATIONS, R571C is the current active station, but the old names R2AAD and R7FF8 also appear, but greyed out as “Station offline”.

  4. Fixed in v1.3.9 as you said :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem, glad that one of your issues was solved with the latest update.

  1. Thank you for verifying this for me. Could you also please post a screenshot of the list ordered by distance, where the error is shown? So that we will have a reference point.

  2. All right.

  3. Thanks for the two station codes. However, a colleague pointed that it is possible to hide offline stations by going to Settings and then Appearance, and enabling the related switch. In this way, the offline ones should disappear from your list.

Thanks again,
Regarding (1), here are listings by date and distance. As I am in SE Australia, these distances don’t related to my location

Regarding (4), Thanks. I’m afraid I’d seen this option and thought HIDE meant they were already hidden. I presumed they were only hidden if being followed. Without a manual that explains all the intended minutiae of each option, idiots like me can jump to wrong conclusions or just misinterpret them :face_with_head_bandage:

I must say though - and should have started my first email with - Excellent app!



I must say though - and should have started my first email with - Excellent app!

Thank you for this! :slight_smile:

You’re right, those distances are definitely not related to your geographical location. Thank you for the screenshots, I am now able to open a ticket for our app team, so that they will maybe know what is going on.

I will update you as soon as possible.

I also have this problem. Screenshot 1 shows the distances in the list, which are all wrong, for the first entry 4967 km. Screenshot 2 shows this entry on the map with the distance 930 km. Accordingly, turning on the distance filters also gives incorrect results.
Kind regards

I don’t want to push, but are there any new findings about this error?
Kind regards

This error has happened to me a few times. It might be an idea to have the option of using a default location, rather than the phone’s GPS. This default location could be an existing Shake or manually entered lat/long.

Maybe this is the way, but the recent problem is that distance information is correct, when I switch to the detailed information, see screenshots above. So simply the definition of the list view is not correct.

Hello jheiler,

I will ask our app team and report back to you as soon as I have updates. I think this may be related to some kind of coordinate bug, but I want to be sure before proceeding.

I bought a new tablet with a newer Android version and the problem seems to be solved.


Hello jheiler,

New versions seem to present this problem less, so thank you for confirming this for us.

Also, we have found a bug thanks to your notification, and fixed it. It should now be fine, but we are always available if anything appears out of sorts and we can do something to fix it.