Mystery seimic signal in south central Ohio

Wondering if any station in Ohio (particularly southern Ohio), if anyone sees a Spectrogram Signal which occurs at irregular intervals, but is around 44hz (actually appears as two signals, one slightly lower in frequency than the other). Its always about 5 minutes in duration and constant frequency. I’ve isolated household “noise” for instance my refrigerator is about 25hz, floor fan 18hz. Even when all things are quiet including opening a camera mic and listening for correlations, all quiet outside too. It appears strongest in the N/S axis. Anyone else notice this?

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Hello fester, and welcome back to the community!

Bumping this up so that it gets more visibility for people who come and read our forum! It would be very interesting to see if it is possible to identify the origin of this signal.

Fester: can you post a screenshot so that we can see the signal you are talking about -it may help.

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