MyShake page does not show my shake

Although I am logged in with the same email address as used when registering my shake (some years ago, original Kickstarter one, later upgraded to 4D) the MyShake page believes I do not have a shake.
Logged in on Shakenet with Google, but same email address.
How can I solve this?
My shakeid AM.R6B73.00.E[HZ,NZ,NN,NE]

Hi @tvoverbeek,

Make sure you have validated your email address. You should have received a message from Raspberry Shake with a validation link. If you haven’t done so yet, click it and you should be good to go.


I do not have the email with the validation link.
Had problems logging in with Google originally which was solved by your Web people
who also validated me so I could log in to shakenet.

It seems your station is/was configured with misspelled e-mail address ( a ‘t’ too many ). I’ve gone ahead and made sure it matches your current e-mail address in our databases.

Make sure to correct this the next time you are on the configuration page for your shake, otherwise the portal database might be updated with the wrong e-mail again.

Thanks for fixing the database.
I checked my configuration page, but there my email address is correct.

I have the same problem. My boom (R6D5A) appear in “My Shake” option, but my Shake 4D not (R09C3). It is possible that the origin of the issue was that I have my email mispelled in R09C3 web local. I corrected it, several days ago, but what is the next step for my shake appear in shakenet?
(I can log in in shakenet)


Hi @jaalamillos22, I will check with the admins but I believe the database update that will allow for this change to take effect is currently triggered manually. Thanks for being patient—sorry for the wait!

Ok. No problem. Thank you.

Juan Antonio

@jaalamillos22—this problem should be fixed now. Please log in to ShakeNet and let us know if the station is still missing.