myShake device not detected by swarm? ("+" not available under 'myShake')


My RS&B appears not to be recognized by swarm (see attached photo). Instructions tell you to click the “+” next to all, to find the specific device - but this is not an option in my case.

Note: I am able to find other stations through RSCommunity>All>etc. as expected.!

RS&B advice|690x283

Thank you

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But did you go to Edit Data Source (2nd icon along the top) and enter the IP address?
See below:


Thanks for your help!

Yes I have - see attached. Any further suggestions?

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Hello tommulder, welcome to the community!

The IP address is in the correct place, but the port has to be changed from 16022 to 16032. This should make your Shake visible to SWARM.

Dear Stormchaser,

Thank you for your help! It is indeed now detected by SWARM. However, when I try to select the Raspberry shake it appears not to load properly (see below)

Any ideas?


Hello tommulder,

When the Shake code/channels are greyed out like that it means that there has been an issue where SWARM cannot connect to the Shake itself.

Please crosscheck that the IP address is the correct one, and if it is, shut down your Shake and reboot your modem/router. When internet is available again, then restart your Shake, check if the IP address is the same as before or if it has changed, and start SWARM again (inserting the new IP if needed).

If this doesn’t work then I can suggest downloading and try with the latest version of SWARM (v3.2.0) available here: USGS: Volcano Hazards Program