My station is not showing up

In the app it’s not showing up in the station map view. Search comes up empty too. The station is visible on desktop however.

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Hello Thylaseen,

Thank you very much for reporting this. I am not sure why the station is not appearing on the App while it is live and transmitting on both StationView and DataView. It is likely related to the server issues we are still fixing.

You can try (if you haven’t already) to uninstall/reinstall the App and see if this works. I will send this to our team in any case so they can check if there is anything we can do on our side.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience in this. I’ll update you as soon as I receive news from the team.

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Hi! I just installed a station a couple of hours ago, and I have the same issue on the web it appears and it’s transmitting but on the App it doesn’t appear


As an additional note I reinstalled the app on ios; and nothing changed the app keeps being unupdated without appearing the station. As mentioned before in stationview in web browser it appears.


Hello jaramx, and welcome to the community.

Thank you too for reporting this issue with a new station on the App. The server team has assured me that they are working on it.

I will update both you and Thylaseen as soon as I have news. Thank you for your patience.

Hello Thylaseen, jaramx,

An update for you both: if you haven’t already seen/downloaded it, there is an update for our ShakeNet App on the store. Once done, you will see that your Shakes now should correctly appear on the App ast they do on StationView.

Thank you for pointing out this incongruence to us, as it has helped correct other issues between our online services.

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