My shake shows up locally and on ShakeNet, but not StationView

My shake (AM.R730D) quit showing up on StationView in the last couple of days; it showed up before that. I can see it’s working locally and on ShakeNet, on my Mac; I can also see it on the iOS app.

I’ve power cycled it and even rebooted it from an ssh session. Its front-end UI shows as RUNNING, v0.18, producer and consumer ON, stand-alone OFF, data forwarding ON, and Connected. The RP3B is within expected operational tolerances, and only 20% of the disk used.

The logs are attached.

-Kirk (235.0 KB)

Hello Kirk, welcome back to the community!

The station is now back online on StationView here: RS StationView

We are aware of this minor issue and we are working to see what causes it and how can be solved. Thank you for your logs and your detailed explanation of the situation.

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Thank you! I see it now. Was the problem on the cloud end or mine? Just curious.


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You’re welcome!

No problem, it is a server-side issue, so you can rest assured that your Shake is working as it should. It happens quite randomly, so pinpointing the precise cause can be hard, but we are analysing it nonetheless.

Ok, thanks for the update. If it had been on my end, I was considering developing something on my end to monitor for it and effecting an action to correct it. I do development for a living.