My shake is on network but cannot access locally with swarm

Hi. When using Swarm, I am able to access my shake’s data through the RS community network (although approx 30 min. behind) but can’t see the data using the local MyShake in the data chooser. This failure to connect shows up in the command prompt window when the swarm console starts:

2021-11-18 12:02:38 INFO - Swarm version/date: Version: 3.0.1 Built: 2020-01-30T18:14:54Z
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - current directory: C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\SWARM\swarm-3.0.1
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - user.home: C:\Users\Mike
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - Using configuration file: Swarm.config
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - java.version: 1.8.0_271
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - maximum heap size: 247.500 MB
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - loading MapPack: mapdata\augustine\MapPack.txt
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - loading MapPack: mapdata\nasa_240m_A1\MapPack.txt
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - loading MapPack: mapdata\nasa_240m_D2\MapPack.txt
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - loading MapPack: mapdata\nasa_2k\MapPack.txt
2021-11-18 12:02:39 INFO - loading MapPack: mapdata\world\MapPack.txt
2021-11-18 12:02:51 ERROR - Error connecting to in WWSClient. (

I can ping by shake’s IP address ( from the command prompt and access it’s data through the community network, but not locally. The log file is attached. Thanks for your help.

Gary Fox

RSH.RBCD3.2021-11-18T19 54 25.logs.tar (2.9 MB)


the port for the community server, 16022, and for the local shake differ.

re-configure access to your local shake to use port 16032 and try again.

alternatively, you can download Swarm from the Shake directly from the FE-config web-page at ACTIONS::DOWNLOAD::SWARM, this has Swarm pre-configured for both the Shake’s local IP address and to use the correct port.


Hi Richard,

Thanks very much–now it is working perfectly.

Mike Fox

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