My Shake history

Is it possible to determine when my Shake originally came on-line and started generating consistent data?
I had some technical issues very early on after I powered up the RS3D I have so there is a period initially where the device was online and offline sporadically sending data then not while I overcame some technical issues. I’m inclined to think that the date and time that shows currently is not when I finally got everything running. I seem to recall there was a lengthy block of downtime that I was unaware of and the date/timestamp are when I restarted from that lengthy down time so I think my data is more like this sketch below. Not sure the screenshot is going to show but says device uptime is 171 days and reflects that second RUN block


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Hello yellowfin,

You can crosscheck what you have in mind by using both StationView and DataView focusing on your station.

If you open StationView and then write your station in the search field at the top of the Stations menu, you will get this:


Which is the earliest data transmission we appear to have from your unit. If we go to this date on DataView Data View: Raspberry Shake Data Visualization Tool (by using the calendar icon high on the right), we get this:

Then, by going ahead with the arrows, data flow starts again around the middle of April 2022, sometimes with breaks in them, and appears to go onwards from there on. You can explore more in the same way, moving with the arrows or the calendar.

The uptime value shown in rs.local/, instead, displays the amount of time the Shake has been on since it was turned off/on or rebooted last. In this case, the unit has been on since around the end of July last year, if my math is correct.