My Shake & Boom quit working

My device quit working and I was not aware it was not working until I received an email indicating my device had been off line for longer than three days. I tried to log into it through a browser ( and I get nothing - blank screen. I expect a thunderstorm from the end of last week may have jolted the power and shutdown the unit / corrupted the SD card. I plan on burning a new SD card - question is how do I keep my station ID, etc. or do end up registering again and getting a new ID? Thanks

I’ve had the same thing happen three or four times. It seems the SD Card is prone to corruption because the RaspiShake is actively writing to it when it drops power.

(Ideally, it would set the card to read-only and do all write activity over the net.)

Anyway, to answer your question, you just start over with a fresh image and it DOES keep its identity. It’s just a hassle, and can take a while to notice.

Hi @N1MXJ ,

Indeed this does sound like a case of SD card corruption. One way to prevent this is to use a commercial-grade SD card (called MLC) such as this Kingston card or this Transcend card. Personally I would recommend the Kingston one. This page in the manual has more information on Shakes and SD cards:

@MaxShake is indeed correct that your station name will remain the same if you use the same Pi. Station names are based on the last four digits of the MAC address, which will always be the same if the Pi you use doesn’t change. Read more here: