My Shake&Boom does not restart - Possible Password Issue?

Hi all,

Under the General tab in rs.local I made some small changes to the settings then I tried to save and restart my Shake&Boom. The problem is, I used the default password of “shakeme” although I cannot remember if I subsequently changed it. (Please note that I haven’t used my Shake device for a long period - 18 months). The system would not restart even after several attempts and after leaving it for many minutes.

I cannot remember if I changed the default password and I no longer know what that password is.

How can I now achieve a correct restart with my new settings? Also, my Shake’s location is not being shown at the correct location in Shakenet under “My Shake”.

Ant assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Hello stevedj, and welcome back to our community!

From what you are describing, it could definitely be the case of an updated password. We have various solutions for your issue:

  1. You can reset the password to a temporary one, following the procedure on this page Ready, Set, Get Hacked! Security and Raspberry Shake — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake, in the section Oops! I forgot my ssh password

  2. You can re-burn your Shake’s microSD card, and the password will be automatically reset to the default one shakeme. I will leave the burning instructions here for your convenience:

Regarding the location difference, we have the policy to obscure publicly-reported station locations on our public server for user privacy reasons. More information on this here: Commonly Asked Questions — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake