My profile mostly disappeared?! Not able to update?

I can still log into or So, my account is still there and it looks like at least in the forums, the correct email address is attached.
But the profile in shakenet is empty and when I try to update it, the page ‘just spins’ on the submit:-(

I tried with Firefox and Chrome and neither seems to make any difference?! Any idea, what’s going on there and what I should be doing?

– Marco


There does seem to be some sort of problem with shakenet.
For a few days now, the “Your Favorite Stream” is stuck, just displaying “Fetching favorite stream…”

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Yeah there is some sort of issue, same thing is being talked about here:

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Same here, I can’t see My Shake. It always shows “It seems that you don’t have a Raspberry Shake installed, yet.” even I can see my data live streaming in the data viewer, as well as on the station viewer.

ShakeNet dashboard is also empty, showing “Fetching favorite stream…”.

Because the website says to really see My Shake on ShakeNet, we need to use the same email on ShakeNet as on the rs.local setting, I thought it was my email issue. tried to edit the user setting to update my name, email, etc. Once I click “Update”, then it shows “A confirmation e-mail has been sent to your new e-mail. Once confirmed your e-mail address will be updated.”. But I never got an email.

My user info page is still blank after editing.

I think the website is just very weird.

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Hello Marco, ykliu, and welcome to the community! Hello all,

Thank you so much for taking the time to do these additional tests and report your feedback to us.

I was able to replicate the issue on my side, and I’ve opened a ticket for our server team so they can go and check everything.

I will update you when a fix is in place.

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