My New RS does not Appear in "My Shake" in ShakeNet


I just installed a new Raspberry Shake. Everything looks fine, but the device does not appear in “My Shake” in ShakeNet. I verified, the email address I used for ShakeNet is the same which is configured in the device.

What could be the problem?


hi tobias,

sorry for the troubles, we are aware of this and are looking into it, and it should get fixed within the next day or so, hopefully sooner.

on another note, however, i see in your screenshot that you have data-forwarding turned ON, but that it is also not connected to the server. until the unit actually connects to the server, the MyShake page in ShakeNet won’t be properly updated anyway.

one common reason for not being able to connect to the server is that the proper ports are being blocked by a firewall or a router configuration. all information regarding ports that must be open can be found here.

alternatively, you can also post attach your download and attach your logfiles as a reply to this post and we can have a look to see what the problem is. just click on the ‘Download Log Files’ button on the configuration home page.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for the help! I actually missed some required ports in the Firewall configuration. Works perfectly now!

All the best,

I have the same problem. Just got my RS4D a couple of days ago. It is working well except for this. This problem seems to have been going on and off for more than a year -
various reported issues, and various fixes, but it does not go away.

PS - I have just a simple LinkSys home/office router. Nothing is blocked.

RSH.R8F7F.2020-06-04T21_24_40.logs.tar (533.5 KB)

My station (R9440) failed and I had to create a new sd image, email is the same as the original image, it appears connected, but it does not appear in, in the shakenet app it appears disconnected.
in EqInfo and ShakeNet also looks good.

it is there now, apologies for the inconvenience.



it is there now, but not currently streaming data.

apologies for the delayed appearance.


I’m sorry, maybe I explained it wrong. My station appears on the map, but below that is says “station is offline” and I cannot download any metadata, either. Also, the log files I upload show an error - I think they are related.

station is on-line now, and i do see that the response file is unavailable at the moment.

i think i know why, but won’t be able to get it fixed until monday. in the meantime, please use the version attached below.


AM.R8F7F.xml (4.1 KB)

SIGH. It is late Tuesday and still not online. Can I do something? Tell me what. I sent you error logs the other day.


first, i had misunderstood the problem server-side, hence the delay, apologies. second, i had attached the response file in my previous message, thinking this would work as a stop-gap measure for you, another misunderstanding.

it is working now for me, be sure to CTRL-F5 to clear the cache when refreshing the page. (we are talking about station view, right?)


My station (AM.R8F7F) appears. But below the map, it says “station not online”.
Nor do I get any graph on the favorite stream part of dashboard.


please try again, and be sure to refresh the cache with CTRL-F5.

we are in the process of migrating some of our back-end servers, causing the problems you are experiencing. apologies for the troubles.

warm regards,

Well, OK. I am online now and getting 4 traces on the myshake page and the favorite stream on the dashboard. But I don’t get any download of “metadata”. When I push that button it takes me here, but nothing happens.

hi again,

this is pointing to the wrong server and also needs to be fixed. the meta-data can also be downloaded from the station view, “Download instrument response” link, or by clicking on this link, which is the same.

i’ll get the other link updated as well. in the meantime, either one of these other methods will work.


The metadata download now works.