My first quake?

I just got my Shake and Boom DIY kit yesterday, so please be patient while I figure out the forum. I got it running on a Pi 3, and put it in a plastic container overnight on my patio. I saw this ![nov%2020%20earthquake|567x112] quake, (upload://z2oOgwuyFXI8gcFaRI6JqIoTn4v.jpeg) which I confirmed was a mag 3.1 quake about 40 miles away So I’m pretty excited about this technology.

I have some questions:

  1. How do I measure magnitude? I only see counts.

  2. I have an old Pi 2+ hanging around. If I ran on this processor, would it run just as well as my current Pi 3?

  3. When I am running Swarm, I seem to lose the window easily if I swipe upward with my mouse… I can’t figure out how to get the window back, and have to reload it.

  4. And finally, is there some tool i can use to analyze a waveform automatically for earthquake analysis.

thanks to all who helped make this happen… it looks like a great tool.



Welcome to the forum.

Swarm is a great program, but it takes a bit of learning…

I’ll have a go at answering some of your questions:

  1. Go to Wave View Setting (next to the magnifying glass with the minus sign) and click Use Calibrations.
  2. Dunno
  3. Over-vigorous swiping will lose the data window. Be gentle. It will come back if you (gently) swipe in the opposite direction.
  4. Depends what you mean by “analyze”. A good start is to select an event and look at the spectrogram (multi-coloured icon, two along from wave view). It tells you how the energy in the signal is distributed in frequency and time.
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