Multiple shakes, multiple students at the same time on the same network

I am a teacher and teaching a summer class using multiple Raspberry Shake machines. On Monday, I plan to have my 11 students build and connect to each of their machines, individually. However, I haven’t been able to find how does each student connect to their own machine? All the machines and computers will be on the same network, therefore I’m still unsure how each student will be able to determine which machine is theirs when they go to rs.local. Any suggestions would be helpful, so that each student knows which machine they connect to! Thank you so much.

Ariel R

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Hello Ariel,

Firstly, I hope both you and your students will enjoy working with the RaspberryShakes!

Regarding your question, every time a new Shake sequentially connects to a network it automatically assumes a name connected to rs.local/.

So, the first Shake will be rs.local/, the second rs-2.local/, the third rs-3.local/ and so on until you reach the 11th with rs-11.local/ (in your case).

You can also access the various Shakes via their local IP addresses. So, if you have the possibility, you can check for a new address every time a new Shake is connected to your local network, and assign it to a student to be used to access the Shake front-end page.

@Stormchaser – this is not really his question. All 11 connect, and they can be addressed independently as you describle, but as a student, sitting there with this device before me, how do I determine which one of those rs, rs-1, rs-2 … is mine?

If you connect them sequentially, as per procedure, every student will know what is the Shake they are operating with, because it will be the one with the highest number on the list of the many rs.local/ at each step of the process.

At the same time, if there is the possibility to monitor new IP addresses, and the Shakes are again connected sequentially, every student will know their Shake, because it will be related to the new IP address assigned every time a new one is connected.

I could also add that a perfect match can be found with MAC addresses since these are unique to each instrument. If any IT technician is available, then it will be possible to pair every Shake with every student in this other way.

The main point is, please connect the Shakes one after another, and in this way, it will become a fun activity similar to a “Go-NoGo” moment in Mission Control Houston. I would have so liked to have these experiments when I was in school…

That is very helpful information and I will have them connect sequentially. Thank you so much!!


You’re very welcome Ariel!

I hope both you and your students will enjoy the experience!

If you need anything else, you will know where to find us.