Mobile app crashing on start (Android)


I’ve been unable to open the mobile app since last night, it just crashes every time I tap. I’ve been using it fine up until now. I’m using a Samsung S8 and have not changed any settings or applied any updates recently.

I have tried clearing the app cache and data, and even a full re-install, but still having the same problem.

Any suggestions as to what might be going on here please? Are there log files or something that I could look at for diagnostics?



Hello kjdavidson, welcome to our community!

Thank you for reporting this, many users have experienced issues since last night, and we have released a fast update to address the access problem that you are describing.

Could you please check if the app is now working normally again?

Thank you.

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Hi, updated to version and all working now, thanks!


New version worked for me also. Thanks!


No problem, you’re both welcome!

Glad that the issue has been solved with the last update.

And welcome to our community trismic!