Missing earthquake in the app?


I was looking through the ShakeNet app, and comparing it to my Helicorder seismograms. I couldn’t find the one at 9:16 in the app, and it went on for a few minutes. It looks like a distant earthquake due to the length of the movement of it.

Are there any ideas why I couldn’t find the event? Based on the timing, I think it’s a 6.9 magnitude earthquake near Alaska as reported on the USGS website.

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Hello BlackDiamond,

To crosscheck I’ve added your Shake to the app on my phone and looked for the event you highlighted.

As you can see below it was indeed the M6.9 in Alaska, as the trace matches the time and shape of the one in your helicorder.

Events in the app are listed by their origin time, and not by the time they reach our Shakes around the world, so in this case, for example, it took around 6 to 7 minutes for the waves to reach your location.

I don’t know why, but it wasn’t showing up earlier. It’s showing up now. Maybe I accidentally turned on a filter.

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