Misleading "Raspberry Shake Config" Warning Message?

As I don’t have Ethernet connectivity to my cable modem in the remote corner of my basement where my RS3D is installed, I’ve connected the RS3D to a cellular modem sitting in a window well. As long as my monitoring computer is connected by WiFi to the same cellular modem, I can access Raspberry Shake Config, and view Helicorder data in near-real time. Within minutes of reconnecting my monitoring computer from cellular modem network to cable modem network, I get a Warning Message banner on my Raspberry Shake Config tab that “Raspberry Shake is down”. The first two times I assumed the RS3D was in fact down, i.e., not working, and rebooted it. Eventually I discovered that in fact, “Connectivity to Raspberry Shake is down”. Please look at the logic statements behind the current Warning Message and see if it could differentiate between two quite different scenarios.

Hello MRT1953, welcome to the community!

Thank you very much for your detailed report and feedback! This is what we need to improve our communication packages and guidelines to offer a better experience to our users.

I will pass all you’ve written to our teams so that it can be taken into account and implemented in future updates.

Again, thank you for your observations!