miniSeed to WAV conversion?

Complete newb here. We had a good shake this morning at about 11:57 UTH, event is labeled rs2022uqxvac off the coast of Panama.
I have downloaded the miniSeed data from the EHZ and HDF channels of my station R08DA and would like to convert the data to WAV format.

Does anyone have a good conversion program for Seed or miniSeed to WAV audio format?
Google brings up a few, but I’ve never used one or even worked with miniSeed data.

Station: R08DA
Event: rs2022uqxvac
miniSeed to wave


Take a look at this:

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Wow, that was easy. Thanks Phillip!

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The EQ sound is a lot of fun and easy to use, it’s a nice web interface. I manged to make a stereo audio file of yesterday’s EQ off the coast of Panama, using my station and another about 20km away on the other side of Volcan Baru.

I have a question about the data. When EQ Sound returns an audio file it is very badly clipped. Is the clipping present in the miniSeed data, or is it the conversion process that clips?

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Hello panoshake,

Could you please tell me the data you input in our EQSound to generate the EQsound file, so that I can try to replicate this clipping issue you are experiencing?

Thank you.