Microbarom season again

Tropical storm / hurricane Henri was not a very big one but it was big enough to see on the RBoom - first one of the season that registered here.

showing the day before and the day after it passed by

distance involved

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Hello kpjamro, that’s a clear and great recording!

I was following Henri through a Shake&Boom near Boston, a bit closer to the approach track, and it got the entire transit quite well:

Also, another S&B in Mexico City managed to capture the weakening Hurricane Grace there too:

Thank you for sharing your data with us! Now that the hurricane season is underway, we may get similar tracks from other stations in our network.

To be clear - this is not the wind from the storm but rather an atmospheric disturbance set up by waves at sea. The only way for me to see the characteristic 0.25 Hz +/- signal is when it is dead quiet here - essentially zero wind velocity. The helicorder graph appears nearly a flat line, as the signal being looked for is quite weak - just above the noise floor of the RBoom electronics. This “bump” in the circle is it -