Meteor sound? 26-March-2021 NW Oregon

I saw a photo this evening on Nextdoor from a neighbor showing what looks like a meteor in my area, just south of Portland OR. They said around 9:15 pm, another person said 9:01 pm. I checked my R-Boom and it sure looks like there’s a big low-frequency signal there at 9:03:38 pm PDT. Peak energy is around 3 Hz. My R-Boom is set up with the lower frequency filter (maybe 20 seconds, I think it was?)
RC93C HDF AM 00 at 2021-03-26 04:03:38 UTC if anyone’s curious.


I guess not a meteor. News reports identify this event as re-entering debris from a Falcon 9 rocket.

Hello jbeale,

I was reading the same reports this morning and I think you definitely got it! The signal appears very clearly on your BOOM sensor.

I wonder if other users on the Pacific coast have registered it.