Message: This Shake is using a non-Raspberry Shake sensor


My brand new RS4D installed today is showing the following message about it being a non-Raspberry Shake sensor is my station view - is this a configuration setting I need to change?


This Shake is using a non-Raspberry Shake sensor. Therefore, the instrument response/ gain is unknown and the ground motion cannot be calculated.


Hello Jeffi, and welcome to our community!

Yes, I can see the same from my side here. Could you please download the logs from your Shake and post them? If needed, instructions on how to do so can be found on this page: Please read before posting!

Thank you!

Hi Stormchaser

Thank you for the response - here’s the log file.

RSH.R6F88.2023-06-23T21_58_06.logs.tar (307.5 KB)

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Hello jeffi, thank you for the logs.

On your side, everything appear to be fine as far as I can see, so I will open a ticket for our server team to check on our side. I will update you as soon as I have news from them, thank you for your patience.

Hello jeffi, could you please (when you have the chance) do the following procedure for me, then download the new logs and post them here?

  1. Go back to the managing page of the RS4D via rs.local/ or the Shake IP address.
  2. Please confirm that the answer to the 1st question CONFIGURATION::GENERAL:: is Yes
    (n.b. the question is: “Did you recieve the geophone with the Raspberry Shake?”
  3. If the answer is No, change it to Yes and then click on SAVE AND RESTART at the bottom of the page
  4. If it is already Yes, please reset it by changing it to No and clicking on and SAVE AND RESTART. Once done, change it back to Yes and click again on SAVE AND RESTART.

Is the Shake now displaying correct ground motion, or is still appearing in grey?

Thank you!

Hi Stormchaser

The answer was ’no’ so I changed to ’yes’ and restarted - this has resolved the issue!

I must have misunderstood this question and entered this incorrectly on my initial setup, for which I apologise.

Thank you for resolving this!

Kind regards


Hello Jeffi,

It was no problem at all; happy to have been of help!

Enjoy your Shakes!