Measure data usage on local disk?

The rs.local interface has a brief description of total disk usage, but how can I measure only the usage from seismic data? For an experimental remote installation I plan on purchasing a larger microSD and want to figure out if I can size it according to the number of days I plan on leaving the station unattended.

Try this:

du -h /opt/data/archive

Some potentially useful stuff about du:

Thanks! here’s the result for 7 days of storage:

144M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM/RC7B7/EHZ.D
132M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM/RC7B7/ENN.D
132M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM/RC7B7/ENE.D
129M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM/RC7B7/ENZ.D
535M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM/RC7B7
535M	/opt/data/archive/2020/AM
535M	/opt/data/archive/2020
535M	/opt/data/archive

Looks like 32GB will be more than enough for 6-12 months.


Good morning!

Please read through this page first. As your application will be remote, I strongly recommend using MLC or SLC technology.

Have fun!