Meaning of Event List colors?

On the event list, when you are sorting the events by date, distance or magnitude, each quake is tagged with a colored circle. I see blue, red, yellow, orange, etc What is the meaning of the various colors?

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Wow, I had exactly the same question, @longhairnasaguy!

Hello both @longhairnasaguy and @Cassini,

On the mobile app, the colours of the circles tagging each listed event are coded to show (this happens also on the map) the depth of the hypocentre of the earthquake.

The rule that they follow is below:

  • less than 50 km deep = red
  • between 50 km and 100 km deep = orange
  • between 100 km and 250 km deep = yellow
  • between 250 km and 600 km deep = green
  • more than 600 km = blue

Here’s the relative page on our website:

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Thank you, @Stormchaser!

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